What men like during intimacy and sex: 17 of their deepest secrets

Hello, my dear women and girls, inquisitive researchers of interpersonal relationships. There are not many of us left who can read and write. I am with you again, Sergey, your guide in the endless ocean of sexual pleasures.

And today I will tell you many secrets about male sexuality and in particular we will talk about:

  • What Men Secretly Want in Sex (And What They Like But Don’t Talk About)
  • How to please your man, make him dependent on you and maintain sexual satisfaction
  • New things to try with your man (that will drive him crazy).
  • What turns men on, how to turn a man on and how to REALLY please him .
  • How to satisfy his secret sexual desires and tie him to you forever…

With your permission, I will immediately switch to “you” so that there is no confusion in that regard – when I talk about you personally and when I talk about you with your man. If you don’t mind, my beautiful woman, then forward to learning the secrets of male sexuality.

Since many women are afraid of doing something wrong, and they have no one to ask, because not everyone has a friend as knowledgeable in these matters as me, then I am ready to become your friend for a while and tell you what men like during intimacy and sex.

Since sex is the most important link in your relationship, if everything goes well with you, he will become sexually dependent on you. But if everything goes badly, he will most likely leave you. Or he will stay out of pity for you, or out of mercantile interest, but will look for sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

Moreover, I will tell you one very important secret: A man will NEVER tell you that you do not give him the necessary pleasure and satisfaction during sex. Usually a guy just silently runs away from a relationship – that’s all. Don’t make the mistake that many women make.

Don’t take it for granted that you’re good at sex just because you’ve only received compliments before and no one has ever complained. This may not be true at all.

I’m going to tell you the truth about how you can drive any man crazy. I will give real working sex tips for women and some of the most common sexual fantasies of men. Men will never dare to tell you most of these things. Some of the things that men want during sex may even seem a little strange, but nevertheless, I am ready to reveal these secrets to you.

So, what to do to please a man during intimacy, what (most) all men want during sex, what men love in the bedroom and how you can turn into a sexual goddess for him.

1. Turn on his sense of smell

Женщина брызгается духами

In the eyes of a man, a woman is like a soft and gentle creature. And everything that reminds him of a woman is sweet, soft and tasty. Therefore, men expect a woman to smell nice when the moment of intimacy comes.

You don’t have to do anything fancy to smell good.

I will give you a guaranteed working list for your pleasant smell:

  • take a shower
  • Apply a pleasant-smelling lotion to your body
  • Spray a little perfume behind your ears.

A little advice: don’t overdo it. If he kisses you, he doesn’t want to taste lotion or perfume on his lips and tongue.

2. Men like sexy lingerie

Мужчина и женщина в нижнем белье

Men, as you know, love with their eyes, and women with their ears. Give pleasure to his eyes by wearing super sexy lingerie. And you will awaken his inner sexual beast.

Do you really want to look sexy? Combine sexy lingerie with sexy stockings and high heels. I know, high heels are impractical, your feet get tired, etc.

But trust me, if you want to satisfy a man sexually, they are very functional.

3. Give yourself completely to him

You may have noticed the hype surrounding the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. All men love control. Some more, some less.

(And few men like to hand over control to a woman. If they do, it’s probably out of insecurity).

So give yourself completely to him. Let him be the captain of your sexy ship in the bedroom.

Some men are not very comfortable giving commands. That’s why it’s good to give him a helping hand so that he understands that he is in charge:

  • Say: “Tonight I will do whatever you say.”
  • Say, “Today you are in charge in the bedroom.”

These things boost his confidence and show that he is your “boss.”

4. What men like to hear during sex

As I said earlier, men are sometimes just as insecure about sex as women. They are afraid to make the “wrong” step because they don’t know how a woman will react to it. That’s why you can give him a helping hand by literally telling him what you want him to do to you.

You might even exaggerate it a little.

When you say:

“I want good sex tonight.”

this is much less convincing than if you said:

“I want you to take me hard from behind tonight.”

Men love to hear when you play with his fantasy of being “dominated” by telling him what to do with you.

5. Don’t be shy about being loud during sex

Девушка стонет в постели

It is difficult for men to correctly evaluate silent women. This is true both in dating and in the bedroom.

Only when a woman speaks or makes a sound does a man know how she feels. That’s why it’s a mystery for a guy to know whether a woman “likes” him or not when she’s just quietly sniffling through both nostrils.

Help him with this:

  • Moan with pleasure.
  • Tell him to try faster/harder, slower/softer.

Believe me, my dear friend, this is exactly what men want in bed. They get the recognition they want. They hear that you like what’s going on, which makes them even more excited.

Don’t be afraid that the neighbors will hear it. The man wants his neighbors to hear it. This generally pleases his vanity.

6. Satisfy his ego

Perhaps you like receiving compliments. But should I tell you a secret? All people love to receive compliments. We men are sensitive to this too.

Every compliment you give that makes us feel more masculine is one step closer to winning our hearts.

Men are most sensitive to praise that describes:

  • How strong are we
  • How smart we are
  • How confident are we?
  • How good we are at sex

The latter, in particular, works exceptionally well. Men already initially consider themselves gods of sex.

And what men want most during sex is for you to play along and reinforce his image.

So tell him during and after sex what an amazing lover he is. These don’t have to be any complicated words.

Something like “You’re just a giant at sex” or “You’re just a sexy tiger.” It works wonders.

Be sure to start doing this.

The man is not a robot. He may get tired, he may have troubles at work, but you never know what will prevent his “device” from rising. Never focus on this, because the penis is just a tool, and arousal is controlled by the brain.

And even the slightest mockery of his sexual abilities will not only show you as a complete incorrect fool, but will also give him the opportunity to look for someone else – smarter and more delicate.

7. Be his navigator in the bedroom

Men are not always as confident as they seem, and neither are women. Every person lives with some kind of uncertainty.

Men don’t always know what you like and what you don’t. Therefore, what a man really wants is a woman who gives him instructions so that he can satisfy her as best as possible.

Sometimes you may think that men just want their own orgasm. He puffed, finished, turned away and slept. But men often do this because they don’t really know what you like.

So give him some instructions:

  • Tell him if he should move faster or slower, harder or gentler.
  • Tell him if he needs to go more left or right.
  • Ask him to look for your G-spot with his fingers, you will remember this orgasm for a long time.

8. Live out his domination fantasies

Мужчина завязывает женщине глаза

Men like to be in charge. We love it. Be in charge. We want to control people and situations.

And sex is no exception. Some men often fantasize about, for example, blindfolding and tying up a woman.

Take advantage of this strategic advantage. This is one of the most effective ways to make a man sexually dependent on you, and how to please your man in sex.

Make sure you “accidentally” have rope/cuffs and a blindfold.

All you have to do is say, “Honey, I want you to tie me up.”

This way you will maintain your man’s sexual satisfaction.

9. Nobody wants to fry dead fish

Женщина жарит мужчину

Some men call such women “logs” or “trees.”

Whatever you call it, men generally hate it when a woman doesn’t participate in the process in any way, just lies on her back with her legs spread. This is the most terrible thing imaginable.

The reason why men don’t want a dead fish in bed who just lies there is because they want to feel like they’re having sex with a real, live woman who also enjoys the process, not a rubber inflatable doll.

You don’t need to do complicated gymnastic exercises ubvyfcnrb to show him that you’re alive.

What can you do to avoid lying like a log?

There are a few things you can do to make him feel like you’re not just lying there:

  • Touch him and give yourself pleasure
  • Wrap your legs around him
  • Hug him
  • Hold/hug his head/neck

All this will make him see that you didn’t die, didn’t fall asleep and are feeling in the process. No matter how crazy it may sound.

Combine all of the above with sounds and compliments. This is a combination that is guaranteed to create fireworks.

10. Men like it “a little rough” during sex

Мужчина и женщина

“Who is this woman I have here today and how far can I go with her on a journey through the vast expanse of sex?”

This is the first question a man asks himself when he has a new woman in his house. He may not formulate it as romantically as I do, but the essence remains the same.

This is why the man will be careful (if he is sane) and will not make any crazy spectacular moves on her, because they do not know each other very well.

He just won’t want to do something that you might not like. But if you, as a woman, do not give him clear signs (hints will not work), he will never know how to behave with you.

How to awaken the sexual beast in him?

When you act a little rude, he sees that you are not one of those who fall into the category of “fragile girls.” In this way, you are unconsciously giving him “permission” to be a little dominant.

Remember, men can sometimes feel insecure about sex too. But if they get instructions from you, they’ll be fine.

Be careful not to overdo it by giving instructions or being too commanding in your tone.

Men want to enjoy sex, not feel like they are in the army or do what you force on them.

11. Say his name

“Names are the sweetest and most important sounds in any language,” Dale Carnegie

There is essentially nothing to add here. For each of us, his own name in someone else’s mouth sounds like music, but for some reason many in a conversation even avoid saying the name of the person with whom they are communicating. But I skillfully use this, immediately remembering a person’s name and constantly repeating his name, quickly winning people over.

So why don’t you adopt my experience of communication, and even more so if it concerns sex. Say his name during sex, passionately and hotly, and he will get so excited that he will look like a blazing volcano.

The main thing is not to confuse the name. This happened to me too…

12. Initiate sex yourself

Женщина соблазняет мужчину

We are no longer living in the Middle Ages. Men and women legally have equal rights. But at the same time, when I ask them why they don’t initiate sex, they answer that “he should do it.”

Yes, I agree, in general there are many things in the world that a man “should do”, but which women do too. And sex is no exception.

I understand that your fear of initiating sex is the fear of being called a whore. But if you show that you want sex with us, that’s exactly what turns men on and what we want in sex.

And under no circumstances pretend that sex is not interesting to you and that you are yielding only to its lust. Like, you’re such a sacrifice that you do things that you don’t need at all just for the sake of loving a man.

13. Don’t be a bluestocking

Будьте непредубежденными

This is what they used to call women who had sex only for the sake of procreation in the missionary position, lowering their panties and lifting their skirt. There is another name for this kind of woman – prude.

And I have met such women, they got bored very quickly with their only position on their back, their reluctance to roll over or give a blowjob. And there was no need to talk about anal sex.

Be open to new adventures with your beloved man or look for a fellow prude or asexual.

New things to try with your boyfriend don’t have to happen every week. But by meeting him halfway and offering something new yourself, you will make him a very happy person.

What men want in sex is different for every man. But all men want a woman who is willing to try new things. Who isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone with him.

14. Praise him


Even if your husband (or loved one) is not very good at sex and you sometimes wonder what to do about it?

Let me tell you, by hugging him in a loving and adoring way, and giving him compliments (like his strong arms or beautiful chest hair), you increase his self-confidence.

He’ll never say it out loud, but he secretly loves it when he can relax and you treat him like a “king.” Once he gets this relaxation, you will see that it becomes more and more attractive for him to make efforts for you too.

He wants to live up to the expectations you’ve expressed by complimenting his strong arms, sexual prowess, and everything else you’ve told him.

So you can take the lead from time to time and give him pleasure, allowing him to just lie back, relax and enjoy the show.

When you constantly tell him how much you like him, how attracted you are to him, and how much he turns you on, then you create a huge amount of gratitude and desire in him.

Moreover, 100 kg of your praise and 1 gram of ridicule have equal weight. Physics doesn’t work here. If you express doubts about his sexual capabilities, laugh at him when he can’t get hard after a hard day, or he feels (and men intuitively feel this well) that you don’t want him anymore, then your sex will get worse and worse until will completely disappear.

15. Surprise him…

Оральный секс

…oral sex. Yes, you probably know that men like it. But you might be surprised how it can affect your relationship.

Once upon a time, long ago in my youth, starting to study sexual relationships, I came across a statement by some Western sexologist that “A woman gives a blowjob to a man on her own initiative if she really loves him.”

And damn it, with my gray hair, having gone through two divorces, I realized that this is exactly how it is! This is something for you to think about.

Every man fantasizes about blowjobs. It’s not for nothing that the plot of any porn film begins with a blowjob. As corny as it may sound, this is the best compliment you can give a man.

Especially if it happens unexpectedly.

He probably never experienced this in his previous relationships. And that makes you the most special among his past women.

This is one of the best things you can do for him if you want to keep this man near you.

16. Play cowgirl

Men become aroused as soon as they see something that we find sexually attractive. We are stimulated by images and erotic/porn videos.

When your boyfriend sees something exciting, it turns him on. This is why more men watch porn than women.

That’s why I gave you advice above to wear nice underwear, or visually stimulate him in other ways, for example, dance a striptease, twerk or belly dance.

And now I will give you advice that will excite him so much that he will hardly be able to control himself.

Sit on top and ride it. This, by the way, is also a popular plot for porn.

Visually it looks very good when you jump and your breasts jump in time with your movements, it is very exciting, it even became difficult for me to write. Every man likes to watch your breasts bounce.

This position is called cowgirl, when you are facing him, and there is also reverse cowgirl. Try both positions with your boyfriend.

17. Help him last longer

Sometimes women complain that their husbands cannot last longer than two minutes. Rapid fire machine gunners. I pushed it a little halfway and that was it – the end.

Like in a joke. The neighbor asks: “Sarah, your husband said that he can do five or six times a night?” “So he means back and forth,” Sarah replies.

I understand it. Men often don’t have very good self-control, especially when they’re with a woman they find very attractive.

But this does not mean that he does not want to improve himself. In fact, most men want to be great lovers, but they just don’t know how to do it.

And they don’t dare admit it openly because they are afraid that you will consider them weak.

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to help him feel better in the bedroom, starting with how to make him last longer.

  • Explain to him that sometimes he needs to stop and remain still during sex. When you notice that he is almost at the end, you can make him stop until he has a short break and can continue for a while longer. Repeat this as many times as necessary.
  • Sit on top in cowgirl position and challenge him. Get to the edge of his orgasm and then stop. Tease him until he goes crazy.

If it turns out to be a chronic problem, he will have to do something about it himself.

How to best use what you’ve just learned

I understand that you can’t remember all the information from the 17 tips you just read, let alone when you’re in bed with a guy…

What I recommend you do is pick one or two things that you really like and try them the next time you’re intimate with him. Look what’s happening.

Then come back to this article and try some of the other things I mention here. So bookmark the article (or save it somewhere you can find it later) and pick one or two things right now.

I created the channel recently, so the first participants will receive more of my free attention, and your responses and feedback are important to me.

Сергей Ермашкевич/ author of the article

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